Monday, June 18, 2012


This is a card I made for my sister, Cassie. She is so crazy. Most of the time 
she just stares at you with her eyes of judgement but when she lets loose she 
is a pretty funny individual. I don't even know how to explain her personality, 
she is just a serious person AND like me, she is a "topper". We are brats
and always need to be the best. I am working on that trait though!!

Here are two examples from the road trip we took to Wisconsin Dells of 
her "topping" trait.

Cassie: *looks at the chip with her Cassie look* and says,"I've seen bigger."

2.)Timmy: Good job Katie, you did a harmony!"
Cassie:"I bet she didn't even do it on purpose."

If you know cassie, these little stories will crack you up! 

My sister told me this after she received the card. I thought it was pretty funny so I wanted to share it! 

"This homemade card came in the mail from Katie Nelson today. 
Funny thing is I picked a bunch of lettuce and spinach from our garden today 
(it's growing like crazy!) and I was thinking how great it is to have my salad
spinner. Inside the card she wrote, "I can't believe it was already two years
ago that I gave you that salad spinner! And you said, "blah, blah, it's too big! HA!" hahaha Two years later I thank you for it!"

Any who, this card is a great example of how most of my projects are created. I always sit down with one idea and I just create around it. For this project I knew I wanted to have these mini flowers and I just worked around that. 

This is what the card was SUPPOSED to look like. I was just going to 
take one  piece of paper and put these five flowers down in the corner.
 But I decided that is TOO easy. 

Then I decided to make a flower out of my flowers. but I did not like
 the black border so I took some scraps from the flowers I cut out 
and made the finished border. 

The End.
 I like this card BUT it is not my favorite. I don't really like the
 color combination but oh well, I will keep practicing!

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