Sunday, May 27, 2012

VoooiilĂ !

Here is my Peter Pan for little Bekah who nagged me for a card even though I have made her one! Haha Just Kidding! I love you. 

This card was actually a happy accident! I was attempting to draw and cut out
a Peter Pan little guy. So I decided to do that and then about 20 minutes after I had
finished the little Peter my cousin Bekah was texting me teasing me because I didn't
make her anything for her birthday. So wham bam, this card was born. I thought Peter Pan
would be a great theme for turning 21.....and I had already cut out Petta.

 The only think I wish was different about this card is that I wanted to incorporated
some green into the card. I just didn't feel like it looked good enough with green. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peter Pan

Well, well, well what do we have here!
Here is a little sneaky peaky at a birthday card I made for my Awesome, Cute, Funny, Fun, Courageous, spunky, outgoing, CRAZY, long blonde haired cousin, BEKAH. She just turned 21 (a month or so ago, ooopps did I mention it is belated.) so I thought I would make it Peter Pan theme since 21 is when you "become a real adult" and who really wants to grown up? Ha. I'm Kidding, I do. I'm enjoying getting older. Even though I am no where near "old"!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


After posting my other cards I realized I had not finished my thank-you cards from Timmy and my wedding!

I made this card for the wedding photographer.
 I wanted to make something unique.
So I made this little camera out of my card stock paper
and folded it so i would pop out a little! I liiike it! 
Maybe I will do this?  I don't know where to start. I would love to start selling my own cards. That would be my dream, to get paid for what I really love to do. So I have decided to put my stuff out there and see if I can make something of this.

I've always loved to make things. I think I got it from my mom who always said, " oh we can make that." When growing up I would see something I would want. I'm very, very thankful for that. I love to put my personal touch on things and spending my time making things for the people I love. 

These cards I made this Mothers Day. The first three I was inspired from some cards on Pinterest. 

This card was actually my brain child! I  used paint swatches from Wal-mart and a heart punch my friend Julianna gave me to make the flowers. I love this card!  

 When I make cards I try to put the specific person's taste into the card. To make the cards more personal.
This card was make for my Uncle Alan who is a music teacher and when you think of him you think of music!  

A thank-you card I made for our wedding, ....i've been married for about 7 months and I still have some thank-you cards to write. oooppps, sorry if you are one of those people who didn't get one! You will soon! HA

I made about 4 different handmade thank-you cards and decided it would take tooooo long to make 90 of them. So only a lucky few people got a hand made card! 

This card a made for my sister Bethany. It was her LATE wedding card. I used the flowers we received from her wedding to make it. It makes the card very personal. 

My cards also almost NEVER in the end look the way i was picturing them in the beginning. This card I made for my friend Jelly. I actually started sewing the number 21 into the card and decided I stunk at doing that. So somehow i Ended up doing this. 

I love buttons!