Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Mirror


 I got the idea from this Ann-Kay Home Blog . I didn't really do much different from her besides using different fabric for the flowers. She used crepe paper and I used some normal cheap fabric I had left over from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
 For the Flowers I used The Better Half's Rosette tutorial as a guide.

To do this whole thing it took me about 5 hours, but I kept stopping because I was thinking I was going to quit and then I would start up again about 15 minutes later. When I started I didn't think I would finish it for about 3 weeks...hah honestly. I got very excited to finish though so I just sat down listened to music, watched Peter Pan, the Biography of Full House, some Full House episodes and chugged through it. Also another thing that helped me finish was that I told myself I wasn't allowed to start a new project until I finished this one. I've been wanted to make a hat with some yarn I have had since last year so that was motivation to get me to finish this bad boy so I could start that other project.

For the word LOVE I found that the easiest way to get to the crinkly part of the cardboard was to run scissors through it and the top part would just comes right up. Pretty Simple. Although some parts are glued down better than others so you may have to keep moving around to find the sweet spot to get a good amount off.

I'm not done with these letter yet, I still have to paint them.


See that ugly big flower. Ha, it was the very last one and the space was big enough for a small flower and a medium sized one but I wanted to get finished after sitting for what felt like an eternity so I just made a deformed huge one and made it fit. haha.

I wanted all the flower to look different, I didn't want it to look perfect.
I am so excited about this mirror. I'm thinking about making another in a different color and hanging it over our little mantel place.

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